Book Review for 'There's A Jewel In You'


No I'm not a pregnant teen Lol, but I did learn something from this great book. It's small in size, but it's big in heart.
The title of this small jewel of a book is deeply telling. There is a jewel in each of us. There's a story inside of us waiting to be released. Our stories like these young women from this book are mixed with life's inevitable blows. Our so called mistakes can either be our miracles or simply stay seated as mistakes, depending on how we use them.
The secret is in the title of the book. In order for jewels like diamonds to be made. There's a process. A process that involves being pressed and formed. Our lives are the same way, the only difference is, is that we have some conscious involvement if we so choose. We can consider ourselves to be just another statistic, or we can consider ourselves a precious jewel being pushed and formed in the image of something GREATER.
That's what these ladies did in this book. They chose another perspective.


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