Don't Fight it Baby

I ain't ever going to stop liking pizza, cheesecake, ice cream (Lord have mercy), nor hamburgers to mention a few of my favorite foods. 
What to do? These foods aren't friendly towards  my wasteline, but I like them.
That's why I don't fight my love of them like the quote say's.
I control them. I eat to live instead of living to eat. It's a mindset that gets me to really take inventory on my why's. Namely, why do I want to eat when I want to eat? Am I hungry or I do I just want to eat. Am I eating from my emotions, or am I eating from a biological need? Who's in control here, my mind or my flesh?
Did you know that when we get stressed our bodies crave foods with more sugar in them. That's because our cortisol levels rise when we're stressed. In order to bring those levels down the body needs more glucose to do so. 
Did you also know that we have candida bugs in our gut. These bugs are more prevalent in people that consume highly refined and processed foods, especially those laced with sugar. The candida has a mind of it's own. They eat, sleep, and poop just like us. Guess, what they love to feed on? You guessed it, foods with high amounts of sugar. This is one of the main reasons we crave junk food. The candida in our bodies are actually craving it, and they are sending signals to our brains tricking us like those cravings are a hundred percent ours.
This is why I diet and cleanse. I want as much control of my mind and body as I can get.


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