Mind Burn/ Fat Burn

I'm burning my mind y'all. There's a new me, and I. I'm willing to burn down every belief, concept, and self limiting idea that I've ever held on to in order to free this version of myself.

I have always wanted to be able to​ be one of those guys that can workout without a shirt, and look good while doing it. I want like the average fella out there, to have a good physique. But am I willing to burn for it? I can truly say now I am willing to burn for it. Better than that, I. I'm showing the world through this blog/vlog that I am. I got the final part of this routine from this world famous trainer named Obi Obadike. The routine is a Hiit routine where you run all out sprints and then do some burpees. I may have modified it a little, because I don't remember the article word for word, as far as the duration of the sprints. But I know from research that 15 seconds of all out sprints is about the max the body can handle before switching metabolic pathways. Basically, anything 15 seconds and under we're using exclusively fat for fuel. That's what I want, to burn fat. 

The crazy thing about this process is that I. I'm burning belief pathways that have been long laid in my mind. I'm burning body image issues. I used to hate my body. I hated being overweight. I would never have been caught doing burpees on camera, and letting you guys see my fat rolls. Oh hell nawl!!!  But now I love myself where I'm at. I don't love my condition, but I love me. I can't magically snap my fingers and voilà my fat disappears. I'm glad that I can't anyway, that would take away the fun and pride that I get from being a person that can will himself to do the seemingly impossible. You see folks I'm burning the mindset that says be ashamed of who you are because if your condition. That type of guilt/ fear driven thinking creates paralysis. Why would you or I want to try and change if we ourselves our despicable. I know this sounds a bit harsh, but that's how I have subconsciously spoken to myself for years. I'm sure many of you have also. That's why I'm burning those beliefs. Ok that's enough talk, time to get back to the Grind.




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