About Me

I'm a guy that has tried and tried to be successful and I have always falling short of my goals. My goals of weight loss, business ownership, and overall consistency; I have done a great deal of research on subjects such as religion, psychology, human potential, health and fitness. I believe now is the time for me to get my act together and truly practice what I preach and know.
That's why I've created this project for the world to get a glimpse of me as I grow and transform into the man that I desire to be.
#nomoreexcuses/ #watchdonaldlose

About my Blog

My blog is a combination of my notes on various topics that interest me, such as health, psychology, spirituality and more. It's a bit of a personal journal and social commentary on how I view life.

About my Vlog

My vlog is raw footage of me growing. I show glimpses of my personal life, give weekly updates on my weight loss journey, and express myself in general.

About my project

This project is a real look into my life. It's filled with my ups and downs. I pray, I laugh, I even cuss. I'm giving the world a glimpse of me as I Transform and become the man that I am meant to be.